Administrative and Public Procurement

GALLEGOS, VALAREZO & NEIRA -ILP GLOBAL offers professional consulting for all phases of the legal-administrative relation, and within this activity, it has carried out specialized activities to represent clients that file claims and lodge administrative appeals in the different public entities in Ecuador. Additionally, it litigates, with notable results, in contentious-administrative lawsuits and lodges appeals with the National Court of Justice.

The areas that we have represented within the administrative field for our clients include: Mining Law, Hydrocarbons Commercialization, Exploration and Exploitation, construction projects, hydroelectricity, determination of administrative and civil liability by the Comptroller General of the State’s Office, public procurement controversies, and challenges to assessments by the Ecuadorian Social Security Institute, among others.

Edgar Neira Orellana

Arbitration and Alternative Methods for Conflict Resolution

GALLEGOS, VALAREZO & NEIRA -ILP GLOBAL represents clients in complex arbitration hearings regarding various legal matters, including international trade and commerce, mining, contracts between investors and countries, and different fields involving public procurement, mining, construction, hydroelectric, oil and gas.
The arbitration litigation team prepares arbitration agreements, designs and evaluates strategies for arbitral proceedings, drafts expert reports for liquidation of damages, prepares lawsuits and responses to claims, evaluates and estimates eventual results of arbitration proceedings initiated, lodges appeals to awards, and carries out homologation procedures for international sentences.

Edgar Neira Orellana

Corporate Governance

GALLEGOS, VALAREZO & NEIRA -ILP GLOBAL, through its experts, has designed good corporate governance schemes for companies of all sizes in the goods, parts, publicity and construction sectors, among others. The focus of this specialized service goes beyond the simple development of standards and protocols, as we also focus on accompanying our clients in the practical establishment of good governance and the creation of mechanisms to effectively interact with partners, administrators and shareholders, thereby optimizing the value of the company and fostering growth and intergenerational legacy.

María Lorena Correa

Business and Commercial Law

This specialized field of activities involves comprehensive consulting in sectors related to Commercial Law in general. With respect to Business Law, this is related to professional management for corporate and civil constitutions, increases and reductions of capital, modifications to corporate bylaws, and drafting of minutes for board meetings and General Shareholder Meetings, among others; Patrimonial Law, procurement, civil liability, and representation in arbitral and judicial proceedings, among others; Contractual Liabilities, pre-contractual negotiations, consulting for special contracts, such as consortiums, leasing, and Rights of Family and Successors, etc.; Intellectual Property Law and Free Competition, opposition to intellectual property, franchising, intellectual and industrial property licensing, registration of trademarks, patents, commercial names and logos, and special contracts, etc.

Real Estate Law

In GALLEGOS, VALAREZO & NEIRA -ILP GLOBAL, we have wide-ranging experience and knowledge in the real estate business. Through the exercise of this activity, we have created unique concepts and structures that respond to the requirements of real estate agents, investors and companies, and real estate buyers and sellers. Our specialized consulting includes:

(i) Structuring of Real Estate Projects: tax assessment, accounting and financial pre-feasibility for parties; (ii) Accounting service during real estate project performance; (iii) Technical-Legal due diligence with the aim of recommending safe investments in real estate; (iv) Municipal processes for splitting of property and urbanization, joining property, horizontal property declarations, awarding of areas, construction licenses, cadaster updates; (v) Figurative domain structures: sales and purchases, partitions, awarding, donations, commercial trusts, fiduciary orders; (vi) Patrimonial and inheritance structuring: local and international, effective possession, inheritance taxes, division of inheritance; (vii) International structures for protecting and financing real estate businesses: Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), Crowdfunding, Title Insurance, Escrow Accounts, and structures through Stock Markets, among others.

Labor Law

GALLEGOS, VALAREZO & NEIRA -ILP GLOBAL offers labor consulting services, including worker selection and contracting processes, modifications to work conditions, request for approval of dismissal, drafting of indemnity acts, employer-paid retirement acts, termination of individual and collective bargaining agreements, labor cost management, drafting of internal regulations and occupational health regulations, crisis management, corporate succession, and preventative work audits, among others.

Intellectual Property

We have an expert group for all services related to Intellectual Property; patents, trademarks, commercial names, designs, copyrights, domain names, plant varieties and unfair competition, licensing contract negotiations consulting, opposition to trademark registration, administrative claims and appeals, and litigation.

Tax Law

Tax advice and planning. Assistance for compliance with tax liabilities to file income tax returns and VAT declarations, present transactional annexes and other information required by the tax authority, consulting during tax assessment procedures of the Internal Revenue Service.
Our Firm has specialized experience in filing requests for refunds for undue or excessive payments, administrative claim procedures, contentious-tax proceedings to challenge tax assessments, and drafting, lodging and processing appeals regarding rulings of the District Contentious-Tax Court.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

Within this field, GALLEGOS, VALAREZO & NEIRA ILP GLOBAL offers the following services: Due diligence, analysis of contractual contingencies and problems, risk assessment (commercial, labor, tax, civil, criminal and others), evaluation of intellectual property matters, and drafting of contracts. Additionally, we accompany our clients in the revision and consultation of antitrust, regulatory, corporate and environmental matters; property in which the target company has not been subject to market scrutiny and the buyer is not able to obtain the required information; negotiation and drafting of letters of intent and memorandums of understanding, drafting of Sale & Purchase Agreements; evaluation of all phases of the acquisition or merger processes (Pre-Closing, Closing and Post-Closing).


GALLEGOS, VALAREZO & NEIRA -ILP GLOBAL has developed a specialized unit for arbitral, contentious-administrative and contentious-tax litigation. The Firm has successfully handled claims processes through administrative-tax arbitration, claims and appeals. In fulfillment of the engagements borne with our clients, we preliminarily evaluate the probability of eventual legal action, preparing claims, organizing evidence, appearing at hearings and preparing appeals for contentious-administrative and contentious-tax matters.

Family, Children and Adolescents

GALLEGOS, VALAREZO & NEIRA -ILP GLOBAL provides consulting and representation for dissolution of marriages, divorce through legal means or a Notary Public, Common Law Marriages, child support claims, increase or decrease in child support, liquidation of back child support, reconciliation hearings, precautionary measures, visitation, lawsuits to establish or modify visitation, and establishment, suspension and removal of guardianship, among others, which we have carried out with notable results.

Money Laundering, Terrorism Financing and Other Crimes Prevention Unit

GALLEGOS, VALAREZO & NEIRA -ILP GLOBAL renders specialized services that include comprehensive consulting regarding the prevention of money laundering. We provide compliance agent services for your company, registration processes and updates for accreditation with compliance agents; drafting of RESU reports for the Financial and Economic Analysis Unit UAFE; drafting of a Prevention of Money Laundering, Terrorism Financing and Other Crimes Manual; drafting of a Risk Matrix; advice on controlling compliance with due diligence policies for the company, such as “Know your client,” “Know your employee,” “Know your market,” and “Know your supplier;” preparation of information regarding the prevention of money laundering; Due Diligence regarding the Prevention of Money Laundering, Terrorism Financing and Other Crimes.

Accounting Consultation Unit

GALLEGOS, VALAREZO & NEIRA -ILP GLOBAL has a business unit specializing in accounting and tax consultancy. Our professionals render accounting services, drafting of financial balances and statements, compliance with tax obligations, consulting regarding International Financial Reporting Standards, payroll services, and obligations with the Ecuadorian Social Security Institute and Ministry of Labor, among others.
Through this we allow our clients to dedicate their time to their business, while we take care of the accounting, administrative and tax matters.