For more than twenty years, Chambers has published the leading directories of the legal profession. Chamber´s reputation is based on the independence and research objectivity. Chambers has more than 150 full-time researchers who interview thousands of lawyers and their clients around the world. This intensive, continuous research identifies the world’s leading lawyers and law firms - those which perform best according to the criteria most valued by clients. No lawyer can buy their way into Chamber´s rankings. As a result, Chamber´s directories - published annually - are known to be the most accurate and the most reliable.


ILFA -E-Iure comprises a network of law firms from all over the world. Meant to be a link between Europe and Latin America, during the last few years, E-Iure has grown to be a truly global network. Legally, E-Iure has been formed as an association under Spanish law, with headquarters in Madrid, Spain.


Private Legal Services a law firm, dedicated and specialized in the preservation and protection of assets and new worth of international clients. Private Legal Services operates with a team of highly trained and experienced professionals, in a wide and extensive forensic practice, primarily directed to providing clients a high quality service. The firm´s main goal is to exceed the client´s expectations fullfilling all the client´s needs. Private Legal Services and Gallegos, Valarezo & Neira maintain a long standing alliance (more than 10 yeras), for servicing their clients.


"Martindale-Hubbell is an information services company to the legal profession that was founded in 1868. The company publishes the Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory, which provides background information lawyers and law firms around the world. Martindale-Hubbell lists only the best attorneys and law firms of each country."


BLITA International is a global association of independent tax accountants, tax attorneys and business consultants dedicated to providing personalized professional services for all your transnational tax planning and business management needs.

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