División Legal

ILP Global Gallegos, Valarezo & Neira provides the following legal services:

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División de Servicios Contables

This area at ILP GLOBAL - GALLEGOS, VALAREZO & NEIRA offers a wide variety of services including: tax revisions, tax and financial audits, due diligence, tax management, transfer pricing studies and annexes, valuation of business opportunities, among other services.

Corporate Governance

División de Estructuras Off-Shore


ILP GLOBAL - GALLEGOS, VALAREZO & NEIRA has qualified professionals with extensive training in corporate governance, and corporate best practices.

Family Business And Asset Protection

División de Asesorías de Empresas Familiares/ Protección Patrimonial

Our Family Business practice is focused in advising individual clients in all matters of their business and personal affairs, such as estate planning, family matters, tax planning, family dispute resolution, creation  and restructuring of family businesses, partnerships and filantropy.

Off-shore Structures

División de Estructuras Off-Shore

ILP GLOBAL - GALLEGOS, VALAREZO & NEIRA provides effective asset protection advise to individual and corporate clients, using an extensive international network and a variety of off-shore legal vehicles.

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